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Give Meditation a Try!

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly in a brain fog? Have you ever felt like stress has been lingering for a while and your coping mechanisms are not working anymore? Have you tried meditation? Many people have turned to meditation to help with the mental health state of mind. Your mental health affects everything. It affects your whole well being and the decisions you make. There can be stressors anywhere at any time. For instance, your environment; like school, work, home life. Sometimes a few simple inhales and exhales can work but sometimes you might just need a little more help.

Meditation is a broad topic and uses certain techniques to help feel good and relaxed and to be at a better state of mind. Some people use it to find mindfulness to be one with their environment. Others use it to help with sleeping, anxiety, depression, feeling sad, a perfect positive way to start the day and many more reasons. The list goes on and on. Typically, people will meditate for however long they feel is needed. You can meditate for two minute or you can meditate for an hour.

Let’s break it down!

There are two different styles of meditation. There is a guided meditation and an unguided meditation. A guided meditation is where you have a teacher or instructor will help guide you through the steps of the process. You can either find a class and have an in-person session. You can also be in the comfort of your own home as well. There are many apps available for your phone and/or tablet and there are also videos you can find online. Unguided meditation, also known as silent meditation, you meditate alone and you have nobody guiding you. These two styles are just an umbrella for all the different types of meditation; mindfulness, reiki healing, yoga, etc.

Why should I meditate? Well, meditation has a lot of health benefits as well. Such as reducing stress, reducing anxiety levels, reducing heart rate, helping lowering blood pressure, increasing longevity, strengthening organs and so many more!

Give meditation a try!


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