Ice or Heat

When to Heat vs Ice After an injury, such as throwing your back out from shoveling snow, the first thing one wants to do is lie on a heating pad. But that’s not always the right first step. Both ice and heat provide effective relief, but how do you know which one to use first? Of course, heat feels a lot more comfortable then applying ice, but in order to heal quicker, it’s important to know when to use ice and heat. Ice is used to treat “fresh” injuries whereas heat is used to treat muscles, spasms and chronic pain. Ice is to be applied 24-48 hours after the injury occurs because it can reduce inflammation and swelling along with numbing the pain temporarily. Do not apply ice directly to y

Rearfoot Running vs. Midfoot Running vs. Forefoot Running.

In recent years, there has been much debate on the right way a runner foot should strike the ground. The three ways for your foot to strike the ground during running is rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot. Most runners, about 80%, strike the ground with their heel first, which is called rearfoot running. Striking the ground with your foot flat is midfoot running and running on the balls of your feet or toes is called forefoot running. So now that you know the different ways to strike the ground during running, let’s explore which one is more efficient and prevents injury. You will notice that this commentary does not include sprinting since most people strike with their forefoot. Research sh

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