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Dr. Brittany Buckley, PT, DPT

- Clinic Director and Physical Therapist

Brittany began playing sports at a young age and continued through high school with the hopes of playing in college. But years of soccer, basketball, lacrosse and figure skating led to several injuries, a couple of knee surgeries, and multiple rounds of physical therapy. Those experiences with physical therapy allowed her to see firsthand the impact PT could have on a person’s pain and limitations. The more she learned about the profession, the more she fell in love with it.

Brittany first graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2017 with her bachelors in Athletic Training, then again in 2020 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  As an athletic trainer, Brittany has had the opportunity to work with athletes at the youth, high school and college levels as well as across a variety of sports including, but not limited to, softball/baseball, men’s & women’s ice hockey, wrestling, water polo, rugby and football. Despite this background in athletics, many of Brittany’s most rewarding and memorable patient experiences in physical therapy have come from those with injuries completely unrelated to sports. “I think my favorite part of physical therapy is watching one of my patients accomplish something they couldn’t do before, or thought they wouldn’t do again. Whether it’s someone recovering from a stroke, joint replacement, sports injury, or chronic low back pain, I love knowing that PT could be what gets them back to doing what they love. Regardless of what that may be.”

Growing up in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston, Brittany is a true Boston sports fan. In her free time she enjoys yoga, watching tv (i.e. Grey’s Anatomy, HoleyMoley, anything on HGTV), relaxing in York, ME and spending time with family and friends. 

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