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Dr. Emily Nedley, PT, DPT

- Physical Therapist

Emily was born and raised in Connecticut and attended Sacred Heart University, where she completed her Bachelor of Exercise Science, as well as her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She had the unique experience of traveling to Ireland and Guatemala while at SHU to provide education and therapy services. 


Emily has always been fascinated by all that the human body can do, driving her interest toward movement therapy from a young age. She led the varsity rowing team in high school as captain and continued to row Division 1 at Sacred Heart throughout her undergraduate experience. She currently is a fitness/spin instructor on weekends, half-marathon runner, and has started taking adult gymnastics classes to continue to explore the limits of what her body can do. Her goal as a Physical Therapist is to help her patients achieve freedom through movement to do the things they love.


Emily enjoys connecting with every patient she meets and believes this is an integral part of therapy. “Listening and caring is such an important part of the healing process. Making sure that each person feels heard is the first step in working toward their goals. Also, I find that I have learned just as much from my patients as they have learned from me!” 


In her free time, Emily enjoys drawing, playing piano, running, and watching The Office. 

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