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Footwear for all activities

Here comes the nice weather! It’s time to get outside and start walking, running, and just start moving! But please do not use those old sneakers that you’ve been walking around in and using in the garden for the past year. Invest in yourself and your health, invest in a new pair of walking or running footwear!

Everyone’s body is different, everyone’s gait (walking pattern) is different, everyone’s running styles are different. So that means that the sneaker your friend is wearing, or your mother is wearing, or your grandson is wearing may not be the correct footwear for you. You have to be sure you’re being fitted properly for the size and shape of your foot. The last thing you want to do is buy this really great sneaker but never wear it because it doesn’t fit right! Also, be sure to replace your footwear every year, or every 4-6 months if you’re a runner.

So what’s the best option in footwear? Great question! I will tell you that the worst option in footwear is... usually the sneakers that “looks the cutest.” Don’t go and buy a sneaker or a shoe based on it’s looks! I would recommend that go to a store that is dedicated to fitting people correctly with shoes for running, walking, and daily activity.

Lastly, It’s important to remember that no matter what activity you engage in, you need to take care of your body. You need to stretch regularly, foam roll the tight areas, activate and strengthen the weaknesses. Come visit your friendly PT’s down at Dynamic Edge to learn more about how you move and what could be worked on!

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