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Correct sitting posture.

Many of us work at a desk all day, which makes us prone to many different injuries, especially when sitting with bad posture. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniation in the neck or back, neck pain, headaches and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) could be the result of bad sitting posture. Correct sitting posture can help to prevent many of these injuries.

The following are a few adjustments you can make to your workstation:

1. Adjust Chair height

a. Stand in front of the chair

b. Adjust the chair so the top of the seat hits the spot right below your kneecaps

2. Computer monitor

a. One arm length away

b. Eye-level with the top screen

3. Keyboard

a. Directly in front of the user

b. Not inclined to prevent prolong wrist extension

4. Frequently used items should be in reach so you do not have to over reach for them

5. Get up and stretch! Every 15-30 minutes, you should get up and work around the office or stretch. All stretches should be gentle and pain free. This will help to prevent tightness, stiffness, achiness, reduce pain and prevent injury.

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