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How do I drive with less pain?

3 Simple tips to avoid pain while driving! (click on the link below for tips to make driving more comfortable)

I’ve been asked this question about a thousand times, “How do I drive with less pain?”

Well, I have 3 simple hacks for everyone to help with driving and sitting in the car for longer periods of time. These tips are helpful for everyone, pain or no pain! But if you’re experiencing pain in the neck, back, buttocks, or legs when driving I would recommend making an appointment with Dynamic Edge in order to get evaluated further.

Tip #1:

  • Use your car seat! It’s very adjustable! Use it to your advantage! The bucket seats typically will set your spine into a position that may feel sore for some individuals. So set the back of the seat straight and upright. It doesn't need to be perfectly straight, but the straighter the better.

  • Also, if your car has lumbar support… Use it! Push that support out so that it’s comfortable. If you don’t have a lumbar support, get a pillow or large towel and place it back there. This will help your spine maintain a nice position.

Tip #2:

  • Sit in the seat the correct way! “Skootch” your bum back as FAR as it can go. Lean forward and start pushing your buttocks into the angle where the back cushion meets the seat cushion.

  • By sitting your bum as far back into the seat your spine will immediately be set into the proper position. This position will be much more comfortable and healthier for your whole body.

Tip #3:

  • Use your rear view mirror as a cue or a reminder to straighten your posture and sit up tall. Once you sit up straight and tall go ahead and set your rear view mirror. This will be your visual cue to tell you that you’re sitting correct. Once you start to slouch or fall back into poor postures, you’ll have a difficult time seeing out that mirror. So fix yourself and sit up tall again!

Please contact us at 203-978-3343 if you have any questions, or check out our website


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