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Proper Workplace Ergonomics!

Are you aware that your ergonomics may be affecting your productivity and efficiency? If your answer is no, then implementing a proper ergonomic program throughout your work day can reduce fatigue and discomfort, improve your morale and boost your energy throughout the day!

The goal of ergonomics is to create a workstation that works best for you. By avoiding over “stressing” your body, you may find that you have more energy and are more productive throughout the day! Placing key objects on your desk closer to you will minimize reaching, which can cause unnecessary stress on your limbs. If you constantly are on the phone, use some headphones or speakerphone to avoid cradling the phone between your head and neck. By focusing on better posture, less exertion, and better functionality, your workstation will become more efficient.

Here are some easy ergonomic tips to decrease fatigue, discomfort and physical stress while also increasing comfort and productivity:

  • Make sure that the weight of your arms is supported at all times. If your arms are not supported, the muscles of your neck and shoulders are working harder than they should be!

  • Watch your head position, and try to keep the weight of your head directly above its base of support (YOUR NECK!) -- Try not to “crane” your head and neck forward

  • Don’t be a slouch! Use the lumbar support of your chair (if your chair doesn’t have lumbar support, find yourself a chair that does! Or roll up a towel and place it at the small of you back.)

  • Move your chair as close to your work as possible to avoid leaning and reaching -- make sure you “scoot” into your chair everytime you sit down

  • The monitor should be placed directly in front of you, with the top no higher than eye level → keep your keyboard in front of your monitor to avoid overturning your head and neck!

  • Protect your eyes! Keep your monitor at an arm’s length away to avoid eye strain.

BONUS TIP: Avoid fatigue at the office by drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise, take stretch breaks and avoid prolonged periods of sitting!

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