Child Physiotherapy


Dynamic Edge PhysioTherapy provides personalized physical therapy services to each patient who walks through our doors.  Our focus is to maximize your body's function and help you reach your ultimate goals. We utilize advanced manual therapy techniques, modalities and exercises.


Our years of experience in orthopedic and sports therapy as well as post-surgical care allow us to provide you with the most dynamic, cutting-edge physical therapy services in Fairfield County. 


Our physical therapists have advanced certifications in manual therapy techniques, dry needling, and in evaluation and examination of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. 



Dynamic Edge PhysioTherapy's mission is to provide the highest quality of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services using state of the art and cutting edge techniques. We always treat each patient with personal attention and care, with a focus on patient education for long lasting health and injury prevention. Each of our patients can expect the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and ethical standards.


Dynamic Edge PhysioTherapy's vision is to be Fairfield County’s first choice for quality physical therapy and rehabilitation services with the most cutting edge techniques and advanced treatments.



Manual Therapy


We are a manual based clinic using soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations and manipulations. The goals of manual therapy are to decrease tissue adhesions that may be causing pain as well as improve joint mobility and function.



This therapeutic technique is used to improve balance, strength, coordination, posture, motor control, kinesthetic sense and restore normal soft tissue tone and elasticity.

Therapeutic Exercise


We provide specific exercise programs for stretching, strengthening, and motor control that allow you to have improved movement patterns.

Movement Screening


We screen athletes of all abilities to find deficits in strength, flexibility, asymmetries in balance, and compensatory motions. We will also provide you with a program to improve on these deficits in order to prevent injury.

Physical Therapy Evaluation
We perform full physical therapy examinations encompassing the entire neuromuscular, skeletal, myofascial, and visceral systems. We use this information and our years of experience to develop a plan to address the underlying causes of your pain or dysfunction.

Dry Needling


Dry needling is one of our most cutting-edge techniques used to treat myofascial pain, trigger points, neuromuscular dysfunction, and tissue adhesions.  Dry needling has been shown to reduce pain in individuals with back pain, neck pain, TMJ, headaches and many other neuromuscular problems.

Nutrition Coaching


Through one-on-one sessions, virtually or in person, we are committed to helping our clients make positive, sustainable changes in their diet, fitness and overall health.



Dr. Samuel Hopkins, PT, DPT, MBA, OCS, FDN
Physical Therapist
Dr. Patrick Buckley, PT, DPT, ATC, FDN
Physical Therapist
Dr. Brittany Buckley, PT, DPT, ATC
Physical Therapist


"Dynamic Edge was professional and committed to my rehab.  My therapist listened to my questions and self-evaluations to come up with the most productive exercises and stretches.  It was an excellent experience for me. "


After a severe and lengthy back operation my Doctor highly recommended Patrick Buckley .The initial interview was very reassuring and confident. ‎After many weeks of working with Patrick I am very pleased with my range, performance, and overall health. I am very grateful for his professionalism and also new friendship." 



"Every physical issue was addressed, even new physical issues that arose.  Treatment was by far the best I have received from any physical therapist.  I have been to many.  Very thorough."


 Nancy R 



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