Dynamic Stretch Program

Our stretch program is tailored to each individual client's needs. We create personalized stretch routines to help pinpoint discomfort areas and alleviate irritating aches and pains. Muscle tightness can be caused by a multitude of contributing factors, such as, tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries. Tight muscles can often feel debilitating, restricting even the smallest activities in our busy lives. Our Dynamic Stretch Therapist is trained to target your painful muscle areas using special movements and techniques.


Our one-on-one stretch therapy sessions will leave you feeling better, than if you were stretching on your own. Clients will be taken through a passive stretch program specifically designed by our stretch therapist. Stretching prevents shortening of muscles which will improve your level of function. We use Low Load Long Duration Stretching (LLLD) resulting in tissue lengthening. LLLD will ultimately improve muscle elasticity, quicker recovery, decreased pain and stiffness as well a multitude of additional benefits. Our service is designed as an adjunct in the recovery of an injury during the physical therapy process, or as a stand alone stretch service after your workouts.


This program is designed to meet the needs of our clients ranging from our young student athletes to our older patients with restricted movement. Stretching in general should not be painful. The techniques we use will address and stretch muscles deeper than you are capable of doing on your own.  If you experience pain during your session please inform us immediately. There is a rare possibility of muscle soreness 24-48 hours after your session, but this is normal.