Once upon a time in a field filled with barrels of hay far, far away were lots of scarecrows soon to be made. Some would be made to be hung in front of homes greeting trick or treaters and others would be decorated to hang on lampposts in a small town called Wilton. Some scarecrows would be wearing sport jerseys or be dressed up as minions while others would be sitting on a physioball demonstrating core strengthening exercises. One day, in a tiny physical therapy office called Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy tucked in a cozy little brick building off of route 7 in Wilton, news broke that it was that time of the year again. It was Wilton’s annual scarecrow fest! Soon after, some of the team, and e

End Alzheimer's Walk!

Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy recently participated in the #Walk2EndAlz. It was a huge success. Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk was the setting of this last Alzheimer's walk of the year in Connecticut. Emcee Ryan Kristafer, of New Haven's WTNH Channel 8, introduced Norwalk's Mayor Rilling, who opened the ceremony. State Senator Richard Blumenthal was in attendance to show support along with numerous people who were there to share their personal account of how Alzheimer's has affected their lives. A 3 mile walk ensued on this dreary Sunday, attended by hundreds of people who showed up to represent a hope for a cure, people who have experienced the effects of Alzheimer's up close. Some as caregiver

Correct sitting posture.

Many of us work at a desk all day, which makes us prone to many different injuries, especially when sitting with bad posture. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniation in the neck or back, neck pain, headaches and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) could be the result of bad sitting posture. Correct sitting posture can help to prevent many of these injuries. The following are a few adjustments you can make to your workstation: 1. Adjust Chair height a. Stand in front of the chair b. Adjust the chair so the top of the seat hits the spot right below your kneecaps 2. Computer monitor a. One arm length away b. Eye-level with the top screen 3. Keyboard a. Directly in front of the use

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