Knowing your health insurance plan!

Welcome to the Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy blog! Once a month we will be posting about a new topic that you may have questions about. Our topic this month is.... HEALTH INSURANCE! Health insurance can be a really confusing topic, but it is extremely important that you understand what your plan covers in regards to your coverage and benefits. We will be discussing some of the most common key terms, what they mean, and how they vary depending on your plan. First things first, not every plan is exactly alike. Plan coverage is dependent on a multitude of factors. When choosing an insurance plan along with paying for a monthly premium, there are other costly factors to be aware of; your deductibl

Why is Hydration Important?

Why is Staying Hydrated Important? Water is an essential nutrient that keeps our bodies functioning properly. Water keeps our hearts pumping blood effectively, our skeletal muscles moving the way we want them to, and even gives our brain the energy it needs to function at the highest level. With the summer months and warmer weather approaching, it is important to know how to keep hydrated. The latest studies show that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. But of course, this depends on many factors. Water Input vs. Output: Water input comes from the liquids we drink, the food we consume, and other metabolic processes. On the flip side, our bodies naturally lose w

Tips on how to do the perfect squat!!

Squats are a great exercise to build strength, muscle, power and improve/maintain function. As we get older, maintaining the ability to squat is essential to maintain health and function.Things like getting out of a chair, squatting to pick something off of the floor, and getting in and out of the car require us to use those muscle However, if done incorrectly it can cause injury. Here are some tips on proper squatting technique. 1) Hip Hinge: If your the knees protrude far over your toes, your butt goes straight down, and the heels come off the floor, you are not doing a proper squat. An proper squat requires you to hinge at your hips. Each time you squat you should hinge at your hips so

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